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Barnsley Metrodome

Barnsley Metrodome

Barnsley Metrodome

Indoor Activity
in/near Barnsley, Yorkshire,
England Yorkshire

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Review added: 20/09/2006 20:45
By: blasted (0.00 earned from reviews) Earn 's

"Do you love getting wet and splashing around in the water ? Well then the place to go is the metrodome! There's not just a swimming pool theres lots of amazing slides which will get you screaming! The pool has a very special feature which not many pools have.A wave machine. So you can jump over the waves or try and swim over them. Then there is the scariest slide of all.The black hole. You go down in a black tube going up at every corner.Until you get to the hole were you go round and round until you drop into a deep refreshing cold pool. Also if you have a small child which might not enjoy big slides. Then you can always take your child into the warm little kids pool where the water is very warm.Just for kids.There is loads of space for parking so don't worry about that.Also after all that swimming you will be feeling rather hungry.Don't fear they also have a cafe / bar where you can get what you want and watch the leisure centre swimming pool while eating on a wicked high baloncy.They also have a diving board and pool, also a spectators balcony were you can sit nice and dry while watching your mates / family go swimming.They also have a lengths pool and much more go to this ultimate swimming baths and you will see how astonishing it is.

The details for this lesiure centre are stated below.

Address: The Metrodome Leisure Complex, Queens Ground, Queens Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 1AN

Telephone: 01226-730079"

Submitted by violeta brear on Tuesday, 9th August 2011, 12:27pm
how much is swimming lessons for children ages 5 to 6
Submitted by lindon on Sunday, 6th September 2009, 1:44am
metrodome does have baby swimming lessons monday's 10.00 to 10.30 (under 12mths).
/ 10.30 to 11.00(over 12mths).
fridays 1.00 to 1.30
Submitted by joy pullan on Sunday, 23rd August 2009, 9:04pm
good to know parking is easy, also cafe. Thanks
Submitted by abbie on Monday, 3rd August 2009, 12:31pm
What are the times of your sessions?
Submitted by K. parkin on Tuesday, 24th June 2008, 2:58pm
What are the times of your sessions?
Do you have any ladies only sessions?
Submitted by becki on Saturday, 17th March 2007, 5:31pm
do you do baby swimming sessions?
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