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Next Clearance

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Review added: 04/10/2006 22:55
By: dewberry (£0.00 earned from reviews) Earn £££'s

"If I had to recommend one shop for you to visit during your stay in Birmingham it would be the Next Clearance store, based at the One Stop Shopping Centre in Perry Barr. Most large towns and cities will have both Next stores and Next Clearance, and I've visited many of them, but this branch is (in my opinion) the best of them all. I know it's not your typical holiday shopping shop, but what better way to round off a visit to Brum than buying yourself an ultra cheap new wardrobe to remember your stay? Beats a cast iron model of a large bull…

The shop looks very narrow from the outside, but don't judge a book by its cover as this store stretches right back and is actually massive inside.

As soon as you enter you're confronted with bargains, with a selection of the new product lines displayed on dedicated clothes racks directly facing the doors. The stuff in this section is probably the most expensive in the whole store and usually consists of coats and suits; today there were some cute leather and fur-look jackets which had been drastically reduced from their catalogue price, with an extra 20% off on top! The jacket cost £15 which was a total reduction of £38 – of course I had to have one!

The shop is split into two very wide aisles, with lots of portable clothing racks in the middle of the aisles. It really is a rummaging shop as they're trying to get rid of as many clothes as possible and therefore it's kind of higgledy piddledy, this is great though as it's got a real January sales feel.

The largest section of Next Clearance is for women's clothes. There's a bit of everything with a very good selection of sizes and colours. The suits and jeans are particularly good value; the average price you'll pay for a pair of jeans is £8 while they would have cost you £25 - £30 in a standard Next store. There are a lot of summer clothes available at the moment as the store gets all the ranges which haven't sold in the catalogue and 'proper' Next shops. So jumpers will be available around April, which isn't as bad as it sounds because with prices like this you can easily stock up for next year!

To give you a rough idea, I picked up a very classy looking halter neck top from the summer range for just £4 and a set of three vest tops for the bargain price of £2.50. Ranges in here literally change by the day so it's well worth visiting as often as you possibly can to get the benefit of their low prices. The savings you can make when compared to Next catalogue are phenomenal, I basically use my Next book now as a source of ideas so I can look out for them next time I'm visiting the Clearance. There's also a large collection of ladies underwear; some beautiful lacy knickers and bras are available from £1 each, with more extravagant basques and suspender belts costing just £5. Again, everything is available in sizes from 8 up to 22 with a good amount of stock for each size.

My second favourite part of this store is the half aisle reserved for children's clothes. Next do some absolutely wonderful kids clothes, and this branch has a fantastic selection – if you're in Birmingham without the kids buy them some bits from here and they'll be impressed with their presents! The emphasis is usually on frills and pastel colours for girls, with boys having Action Man style choices. I have two daughters and love their range for girls. There's usually a small selection of coats and jeans with nothing costing above a fiver, and smaller items being around £2. My children wear Next clothes almost exclusively, thanks to the brilliant prices in this shop – I definitely wouldn't be able to afford this shopping from the catalogue and in standard stores!

You can also pick from a large range of men's clothes, although I have a fella who practically lives in jeans so I don't tend to take much notice of this section. They have a lot of smart suits priced around £35, which is excellent value as the one I bought Mark for a recent funeral would have cost £97 in the catalogue. There's a great selection of shirts which are fabulous quality with a perfect cut.

The tills are well arranged with well organised queuing areas. Staff are very quick at serving customers while being friendly and helpful at the same time, it gets very busy in this store and there are sometimes several people in a queue so expect to wait around five minutes to be served. This is fine though because strategically placed alongside the queues is a huge selection of cut-cut price stock.

Here you'll be able to buy some lovely reminders of your visit to Birmingham in the form of toiletries gift sets, cosmetics bags and belts. My sister visited from Northampton last week and bought a few bath sets for her husbands family – these were beautiful rose scented bath salts in a Victorian packaging, a bargain at £1.25 each! I picked up a gorgeous pair of pink wedge sandals today for just £2.50 and couldn't believe my luck at the till when they scanned through at £1!

This happens a lot in this store, you get to the till thinking you've nabbed some tremendous bargains and when your items are scanned they've been reduced further. Sometimes I'll get £20 off a £60 spend because of these reductions and have already saved a fortune compared to the catalogue prices, not amounts to be sniffed at.

The store is accessible to disabled visitors thanks to the wide aisles and space inside. The ladies section can get very busy with both people and clothing racks, but there is always a wide gap for wheelchairs and pushchairs with room to navigate at the end of each aisle. If something does happen to be in your way just ask one of the ultra helpful floor staff and they'll help out.

Today I spent £42 and came home with five large carrier bags which were tightly packed with clothes for me (of course), at least three outfits for each of the kids and lovely silver handbag. If you're in Brum do try and visit this branch of Next Clearance, you'll want to come to again and again!

Those of you staying in Birmingham will likely be based somewhere near the City Centre. From here by car you need to get onto the A38 Suffolk Street Queensway and navigate the series of underpasses, stay on the A38 for a couple of miles following the signs for Lichfield. Perry Barr will be sign posted when you're approaching the One Stop Shopping Centre and all you need to do is drive along the dual carriageway and into the huge car park. The Next Clearance store is the last shop in a long row which runs alongside the car park – you can't miss the familiar Next sign.

Public transport is plentiful from most areas of Birmingham. Perry Barr is located a convenient distance from the City Centre, in North Birmingham. The best bus is probably the 107 which you can catch at a number of locations in Town and will drop you directly inside the One Stop. You can also catch a train from New Street Station into Perry Barr and Next Clearance is a short walk away through the subway. A cab from Birmingham will cost you around £6.

Next Clearance
One Stop Shopping Centre
Walsall Road
Perry Barr
B42 1AA
Tel: 0845 6007333"

Submitted by john on Tuesday, 4th May 2010, 11:51am
Next is ok. If you in the Solihull area. Bels Boutique is the best one in that area.stockists of designer dresses and clothes for boys and girls.personal touch in-store.very helpful. next time anyone is round that area check it out.
Submitted by A BEARD on Thursday, 8th April 2010, 8:04pm
great review thanks
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