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Brewsters Fayre

A great Family Pub In Kettering,

Brewsters Fayre

in/near Kettering, Northamptonshire,
England East Midlands

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Review added: 18/10/2006 11:01
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"Though the title of this recommendation is a good family pub it's also good without kids! I was given a card for at the hotel I was staying. The hotel wasn't that good, so I thought I'd write about this fantastic pub. The first thing you notice when walking in, is how smart the place is and professional the staff look, in their uniforms. First impressions and all that.
We asked the bar man where the childrens area was and he pointed left. The main bar area was busy with office / work type people enjoying a drink and some eating, as this was 6pm. I wouldn't (and sure they wouldnt) have been to happy having the kids at this side of the pub as you know how kids can be noisy when the adults want some peace (fair enough!). That said, this looked like a lovely space to put the world to rights over a few glasses of wine.

As we had the kids we headed over to the family area. this is very separate to the other part of the pub though still had plenty of tables a chairs to sit. behind a partition there were 2 climbing frames which were perfect for the children to let off some steam while I enjoyed a large glass of wine! The weather was a bit miserable but through the large windows I could see a huge enclosed patio area with a massive climbing frame and various pieces of childrens furniture which would be a lovely sun trap when the weather was better.

We never ate on this visit, but the food looked really good and at very reasonable prices. The next time I visit, I will add some thoughts on the quality etc.

I will also upload a photo that I took (when I get my cable).

In summary, I think this would be a great place to spend some time with or without the kids, and that's rare!"

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