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Jubilee Tower

in/near Caton, Lancashire,
England North West

Review added: 29/01/2006 16:48
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"Jubilee Tower is a traditional visit of any Lancashire holiday I take when visiting family. The tower is situated between the small village of Caton (2 miles from Lancaster – off the M6) and the Trough of Bowland/Abbeystead to the south in the Lancashire hills. Mostly farmland, there does seem to be a lot of sheep running around so care does have to be taken when driving.

The tower is found right in the middle of the countryside on a flat area so even parking beside the tower it is possible to see the absolutely amazing view but I'd always recommend from the top of the tower. There is no defined car park but easy to park on either side of the road. During the day it can get quite busy with people stopping for picnics.

The stone tower is unmanned and small. There is no entrance fee so really an added bonus for what you do get. It isn't recommended for disabled people as the stone steps are a little steep and when it rains they can be a little slippy. Depending on how many are around too it can get quite squashed as there isn't much room at the top. It's only a small tower so at the top it is only around 5 or 10 metres above ground level.

The view is the must see feature. On a clear day from the top or even the bottom of the tower it is possible to see Lancaster to the right, Morecambe further right and Blackpool in the distance (recognised by a tall object sticking out of the horizon). The only disadvantage on a sunny day is the sun reflecting off the sea which does hurt your eyes without sunglasses! The river meeting the sea is like a large snake. The whole area is green with fields and trees and only a few buildings visible. Turning round though there isn't a view as it is just blocked by the hills. Even visiting on a cloudy day the only view that is really blocked is Blackpool Tower so still a view to be seen.

At night, the view is even better. Driving is more hazardous because there are no lights on the road and again the sheep like to wander but on reaching the flat to where the Tower is makes it seem worth while. The view is even better. When it isn't cloudy and the moon is shining brightly it reflects off the sea. From the tower to the horizon the lights grow in number and seem to sparkle. It does have to be a clear night to see Blackpool tower but it is the point with the highest light.

What I recommend the most is going during a thunderstorm… although staying in the car. It does work best when there isn't much rain but to see the lightening working its way around the whole area is a brilliant sight!

Overall, it's free, it's a stop I make when passing anyway and no matter what the weather there is always something to see! Plus there are always a lot of friendly sheep roaming around so there is always a strong country feel to the visit. It is a perfect place to stop during the summer on a warm day but arriving early to get the best tables."

Submitted by SteveT on Thursday, 13th August 2009, 12:37pm
Been there many times as a child a truly magical place
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