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Review added: 18/10/2007 14:51
By: katygriff (£0.00 earned from reviews) Earn £££'s

"I really can't stress to you enough how much I needed a holiday this year and unfortunately I have not been able to get abroad. Earlier in the year some friends decided that they wanted to go to center parcs. Now I had been before to the Nottingham one so did some research and decided that it would be fun to go to the Whinfell forest destination so that it was a brand new experience for all.

First I will let you know the address;

Center Parcs
Whinfell Forest
CA10 2DW

Now location is gorgeous, right in the middle of the Lake District which of course is a stunning area all year round. Getting there is pretty easy as if you get to the M6 then it is all the way up and when you get off it is actually sign posted so we didn't go wrong (which considering we have some awful navigators was quite good).

So you arrive and everything is secure so you cannot get into the complex if you haven't booked. Cars go into a main car park and as soon as you get your accommodation and leave your stuff at the lodge you don't really see any more cars all the time you are there as they get locked in the car park which is great.

The woodland lodges here are fantastic and massive. We were staying in a 3 bedroom lodge which was huge and contained three good sized bedrooms, two bathrooms, two toilets, a kitchen, a dining area, a massive living room and a lovely outside area with barbeque facilities an table and chairs.

In the lodges the floors are heated, there is a television and ample facilities depending on how many people are staying there. We found that using all facilities were great so cooker and fridge etc... Worked fine. The sofa is very comfortable and the beds are nice too. In fact I was impressed with everything to do with the lodges. There is even room outside to lock your bikes up which is great.

Each lodge is away from the pathways which is lovely as you really do get that secluded feeling which is fantastic.

Now Whinfell forest is very big and there are loads of walks you can go on and bike around. They have a lot of wildlife here and perhaps the most famous are the red squirrels which is great to see. They are such beautiful creatures and it is so unusual to see a lot of them, I loved it. Above that they have numerous amounts of ducks, owls and rabbits which you should be able to spot them all within a weekend.

The lodges are really spread out which is good and there are main centres you can get to where you can find all of the activities. The one nearest the car park is the bike centre where you can hire them out for £21 for the whole weekend. I did this and it was really worth it as you can get around the whole forest so much easier.

The main centre is where the huge swimming pool is which is free to use and you need £1 for the locker but you do get it back. The swimming pool is a tropical one and has several pools for adults and some for children too. There is a rapid ride, a few flumes, a canyon ride (rubber ring), a Jacuzzi and then lots of waterfalls dotted around so as you can imagine it is lovely and relaxing there.

Also here you will find the majority of the restaurants which all looked lovely. We went to the rock legends one which was absolutely yummy and at a bout £15 a head for two courses and two drinks, the price was not too bad. There is also Italian, French and Chinese which I spotted which all looked nice.

Then there is the bowling alley and a games arcade. You do have to book the bowling and it costs about £22 for 6 people for an hour which isn't too bad at all. Then you find the parc market which sells all of your basics. They have a well stocked store here and although the prices are a little expensive you get a lot for your money and sometimes it is easier then buying everything before hand.

In terms of shopping in this main area there is a children's toy shop, a swimming shop and my favourite, the sweet shop. All prices are fine and what you expect and they are all well stocked which is good. I got all my souvenir presents for about £10 which was not too bad as there is such a big choice of things to buy. I almost forgot there is also like a natural world shop which sells candles and house stuff which is so lovely.

The sports centre which is a little way off the main centre is massive and contains all of your badminton courts, golf range and things such as squash and ping pong. Games are not priced that bad so at about £4 for an hour of ping pong which is very reasonable in my eyes. They have a massive café here too and loads of pool tables so we spent hours here and it was lovely.

The one thing about center parcs is that you can do so many activities which you did not maybe think of before. We did quad biking (£35 per person for an hour), archery (£14 per person) and a spa day (£35 for the day per person). All were fantastic and you have staff there on hand to make sure everything is fun and goes the right way. There are so many activities to choose from and I do think it is a good idea to book them in advance as they do get full.

There are things like bird handling, creative arts and dance classes. Then there is a huge separate list for childrens activities so you are bound to find something that everybody wants to do which is fantastic. Archery was my favourite and it was an hour long shooting into the country side with horses and fields all around. I have to say that while you are here you do feel like you are out in the middle of nowhere.

Also at this center parcs there is a pub which is nice and it is right by the lakeside so you have some stunning views.

In conclusion I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to center parcs whinfell forest and I would definitely return again. For a weekend the accommodation costs us £70 per person which was not bad really considering you get three nights and four days. Absolutely great fun for all the family!!!

Thanks for reading.


Submitted by JintyC on Saturday, 11th July 2009, 11:08pm
Thank you just booked for 8 weeks time was not sure what activities were included for free and the likely costs of the other.

A very informative review from someone who has been.
Thanks again can't wait to go now.
Submitted by rachie on Tuesday, 14th October 2008, 7:30pm
brilliant im going in 4 weeks and cant wait!!
Submitted by bob23
YSUK Rating +242 on Saturday, 20th October 2007, 3:26pm
Thanks for this really useful review. Sounds fab but could end up been a wee bit pricey with the add ons. Thank you
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