Barnsley Metrodome Swimming Pool

Barnsley Metrodome

Indoor Activity
in/near Barsnley, Yorkshire,
England Yorkshire

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Review added: 14/02/2006 18:20
By: blasted (0.00 earned from reviews) Earn 's

"Yes this swimming pool isn't just an ordinary swimming pool.It has loads of fantastic enclosed slides which are really ace.It also has a deep pool with diving boards at all differnt levels if you want to go diving.Plus theres a little window you can look through and you can see the divers underwater its really cool.Plus even more cool features they have a baby pool which is heated plus a leisure pool were they sometimes have waves on with a deep end and a shallow end.Plus even more activities theres a length's pool if you would like to do a few lenghths you can never get bored here.Once you have payed you can stay as long as you like we stay all day its just soo good.Plus the prices to get in our quite reasonable.When you have finished all you activities in the pools theres loads of cafe's to go to so this place is ace if you want a full day out or maybe a couple of hours its totally up to you.Oh plus one last thing they also have baby slides yes theres pools for any age groups.Yes if your 1 or 91 theres something for everyone.Yes barsley Metrodome once you get into barnsley its well sign posted get there nice and early and get straight in as it sometimes gets full and there isn't enough parking."

Submitted by Magda on Sunday, 8th January 2012, 11:38am
Hi how much would it cost for 2 adults and 3 juniors? And what time dose it shut on a sunday? Thanks
Submitted by nikki edwards on Tuesday, 9th August 2011, 7:55am
what time is it 4 family to go and how much is it thankyou.
Submitted by rebecca on Tuesday, 19th April 2011, 11:17am
how old have you got to be to go on your own
Submitted by Megan Rowe on Thursday, 24th February 2011, 8:27pm
is there a hight/age restriction for children to use the flumes?
Submitted by Taylor cyrus on Thursday, 21st October 2010, 1:54pm
Why do people always push in lines on the slides there
Submitted by Alisha Ward on Tuesday, 10th August 2010, 10:26pm
how much does it cost for a teenager at the age of 15 years old.
Submitted by TINA BROOK on Monday, 24th May 2010, 9:11pm
what are the prices for adults and children to do swimming and what are the opening times, please
Submitted by reece guest on Sunday, 25th April 2010, 2:08pm
are gays allowed to swim here
Submitted by joe perry on Sunday, 25th April 2010, 2:07pm
i know its called barnsley metrodome but is it in york thanks
Submitted by jay collins on Sunday, 25th April 2010, 2:06pm
sorry to bover you again but im a really really poor swimmer is there a shallow pool for me because im only 2 foot tall
Submitted by jay collins on Sunday, 25th April 2010, 2:05pm
it is fantastic it has 4 slides all good and it also has waves
Submitted by jay collins on Sunday, 25th April 2010, 2:04pm
do you have water slides and also do you have any life guards
Submitted by jamie on Sunday, 18th October 2009, 6:06pm
How much is the swimming for a
2 year old,
5 year old,
9 year old,
12 year old,
33 year old & 29 year old
thank you .
Submitted by suzieandgrant on Tuesday, 18th August 2009, 9:16pm
cant wait now kids are gonna love it thanx for making me remember what its like
Submitted by lindon on Thursday, 28th May 2009, 8:36pm
their number is 01226 730060
Submitted by andrea on Tuesday, 26th May 2009, 5:59pm
what time is the metrodome open for public swimming and is it open this week have you got a phone number for it please
Submitted by lindon howden on Sunday, 19th April 2009, 11:17pm
metrodome offer great parent & toddler classes on monday & friday with nick ...
Submitted by Bethan on Sunday, 15th February 2009, 8:21pm
How much does it cost for a child to get in?
Submitted by Deborah Scott on Sunday, 12th October 2008, 9:55pm
Yes thankyou.
Submitted by Amie on Friday, 3rd October 2008, 10:08am
How come there arn't any prices for swimming at the Barnsley Metrodome?
How much is it to get in as a junior and an adult?
Submitted by Courtnay x on Wednesday, 27th August 2008, 1:24pm
How Much Is It To get In pp over the age of 16 and is it open to do everything on saturday?
Submitted by hannah on Friday, 10th August 2007, 9:51am
Do you know what time does the metrodome open and finish ?

And what dates are simming lessons on?

we would jst like to swim up and down the lanes while the kids play on the slides. Thanks
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